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Category: Beowulf & Grendel News
Article Date: September 7, 2005 | Publication: Variety | Author: SHARON SWART

Posted by: admin

Buyers to take a close look at these pix in Toronto

A rundown of the films buyers say they'll be taking a close look at in Toronto:

BEOWULF & GRENDEL: A U.K./Canadian/Icelandic adaptation, helmed by Sturla Gunnarsson. Icelandic heavy cast includes Gerard Butler, Stellan Skarsgard and Sarah Polley. (Sales: Arclight)

Dave Chappelle'S BLOCK PARTY: "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" helmer Michel Gondry follows the comedian on a musical roadtrip from Ohio to Brooklyn. Work-in-progress screening. (UTA)

L'ENFER: French Gala entry directed by Danis Tanovic ("No Man's Land"), from a script by the late Krzysztof Kieslowski, follows three sisters who share a violent incident in their past. Cast includes Emmanuelle Beart, Karin Viard, Marie Gillain and Guillaume Canet. (Focus Intl.)

HARSH TIMES: "Training Day" scribe David Ayer's directorial debut. Pic follows an ex-Army Ranger who returns to L.A. from the Gulf War. Stars Christian Bale, Eva Longoria, Freddy Rodriguez. (William Morris Independent)

ISOLATION: Irish-set horror entry unspooling in Midnight Screenings. (Film Four/Lions Gate Intl.)

LITTLE FISH: Cate Blanchett toplines as a woman trying to escape her past in this Australian-set drama helmed by Rowan Woods ("The Boys"). Also stars Dustin Nguyen, Martin Henderson, Hugo Weaving and Sam Neill. (Myriad Pictures)

A LITTLE TRIP TO HEAVEN: An English-lingo mystery thriller from Icelandic helmer Baltasar Kormakur ("101 Reykjavik"), starring Forest Whitaker, Julia Stiles and Peter Coyote. (CAA/Katapult)

THE MISTRESS OF SPICES: Bollywood babe Aishwarya Rai and Dylan McDermott star in this multicultural romance. Gurinder Chadha writing partner Paul Mayeda Berges ("Bend It Like Beckham") helms this time. (Cinetic Media)

THE MYTH: Gala entry from former stuntman and HK helmer Stanley Tong. Action-comedy pic stars Tong regular Jackie Chan. (CAA)

NEVERWAS: Tyro helmer Joshua Stern's drama/fantasy stars Ian McKellen, Aaron Eckhart, William Hurt and Jessica Lange. (CAA/Mandate Pictures)

REVOLVER: Brit helmer Guy Ritchie reunites with "Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" and "Snatch" thesp Jason Statham ("The Transporter"), who plays a gambler playing a dangerous game. (CAA/Europa Corp.)

ROMANCE & CIGARETTES: Multihyphenate John Turturro's musical, featuring James Gandolfini, Susan Sarandon and Kate Winslet. (CAA/Icon Intl.)

SKETCHES OF FRANK GEHRY: Helmer Sydney Pollack captures his friend Gehry in the first feature length doc on the architect. (Cinetic)

SORRY, HATERS: Latest HD entry from the InDigEnt shingle. Post-9/11 psychological thriller is helmed by Jeff Stanzler ("Jumpin' at the Boneyard") and stars Robin Wright Penn. (Cinetic)

THANK YOU FOR SMOKING: Adaptation of Christopher Buckley's novel about Big Tobacco spin doctor. Helmed by tyro writer-director Jason Reitman and starring Aaron Eckhart, Robert Duvall, William H. Macy, Rob Lowe and Katie Holmes. (William Morris Independent/ContentFilm Intl.)

TIDELAND: Terry Gilliam's latest opus, about a girl who goes on a journey with her musical/junkie father. Described as an "Alice in Wonderland" meets "Psycho." Cast including Jodelle Ferland, Janet McTeer, Brendan Fletcher, Jennifer Tilly and Jeff Bridges. (Hanway Films)

TRUST THE MAN: Filmmaker Bart Freundlich ("Myth of Fingerprints") tackles romantic comedy. Pic stars Freundlich vets Billy Crudup and Julianne Moore, as well as Maggie Gyllenhaal and David Duchovny. (CAA


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