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European Directors Promote Their Films

Category: Beowulf & Grendel News
Article Date: October 10, 2005 | Publication: Korea Times | Author: Kim Ki-tae

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Fifteen European directors introduced their latest works, including ``Beowulf And Grendel’’ and ``The Nine Lives of Korean Cinema,’’ at a press conference held at Paradise Hotel Sunday.

Called ``The European Film Promotion,’’ the promotional event was designed to prompt European films’ advance into the Asian market.

At the first presentation, German filmmaker Marc Rothemund presented his ``Sophie Scholl: The Last Days’’ on the executed anti-war activist during World War II. ``The film will be released in Korea in November. I hope many Koreans see it,’’ the director said.

Introducing ``Angry Monk: Reflections on Tibet,’’ Swiss director Luc Scaedler said the film is a time travel to the past of Tibet and sheds light on the life of a Buddhist monk in the region. Joaquim Sapinho from Portugal, who directed a documentary about postwar Bosnia, said ``It is good to present this film about split of community,’’ hinting at the division in Korea.

Hannes Stoehr, who made the film ``One Day in Europe’’ about Europeans united through football fanfare, jokingly said he hopes one day there will be another film made in Asia named ``One Day in Asia.’’

The directors are to present their films again at the outdoor stage in PIFF Square in Nampo-dong at 12 p.m. Monday.


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