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Category: Beowulf & Grendel Reviews
Article Date: October 7, 2005 | Publication: The Vancouver Sun (British Columbia) | Author: Katherine Monk and Tom Charity

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Going back to the very beginning of the English literary tradition, Canadian director Sturla Gunnarsson takes on the heavy task of adapting this epic Anglo-Saxon poem to the big screen.

Thanks to a modern adaptation from screenwriter Andrew Rai Berzins, the movie is an intelligible examination of war, men and their attachment to something larger than themselves, be it power, god or the lofty concept of love. Here Gerard Butler (Dear Frankie, Phantom of the Opera) stars as Beowulf, a fire-hardened warrior who begins to question his own purpose in life. Things are changing around him. Pagans are converting to Christianity and the war of the believers versus non-believers is already aflame.

Maximizing the incredible Icelandic landscapes, Gunnarsson ensures every single frame tells a story that transcends the bounds of the film stock.

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