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Gerard Takes the Ones2Watch4 This or That Psychology Quiz!

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Article Date: February 25, 2002 | Publication: Ones2Watch4.Com & GerardButler.Net | Author: Kim Ziervogel

Posted by: admin

Gerard Butler Takes the Ones2Watch4 This or That Psychology Quiz!
But what does it all mean??

Harry or Gandalf?

Gandalf. (He hated Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone with a vengeance.) {Editorís note: gotta love a man with discriminating taste}

Timeline or Timewarp?

Timeline. (Filming is slated to being this spring in Montreal. But would he sport fishnets and stilettos if asked?)

Dungeons or Dragons?

Dragons. (No hesitation, must be thinking of his upcoming film Reign of Fire...or that if he said Dungeons heíd get a whole new kind of fan base.)

Singer or Songwriter?

Singer. (Gerard misses his days singing in his old band Speed.)

Endless Love or Radar love?

Endless Love. (Don't be fooled by his choice. Must be that other meaning of endless.)

Sandra Bullock or Sandra Dee?

Neither, even though that wasn't one of the choices. (He didn't know who Sandra Dee was but he wasn't prepared to pick Ms. Bullock either. Apparently Gidget and Tammy and the Bachelor didnít play in Scotland.)

Bay City Rollers or Roll Over Beethoven?

Bay City Rollers. (Ever the Scotsman, must be compulsory.)

Shaken or Stirred?

Both. (Claims you can't have one without the other. That would make for one heck of a martini.)

London or L.A?

London, without hesitation. (He has residences in both cities and weíre not telling you where so you can just put that hand back down, Arnold Horshack.)

Cigarettes or Nicarette?

Cigarettes. (He recently quit smoking...again.)

Blue Suede Shoes or Goody Two Shoes?

Blue Suede Shoes. (A bad boy thru and thru)

Driving or Shotgun?

Driving (he was a bit hesitant, citing he just learned what shotgun was recently. Somebody in L.A. must have told him and gave him the wrong impression.)

E-mail or chain mail?

A female in chain-mail (?!) (This is where it gets interesting. Unrepentant when the two choices were repeated he laughed and said he always mishears things and hears the most perverted thing instead. He chooses chain mail because he can never work his e-mail.) {Editorís note: nice save there, Dungeon Boy}

Brown eyes or Old Blue Eyes?

Before he answers Gerard wants to know who made up these questions then he laughs and says, "It depends on the breasts." It's explained that this is a reference to Frank Sinatra and he claims he realizes that but he thinks it's a play on words and isn't whether he prefers Frank Sinatra to someone else. With that in mind he says he has no preference for either brown or blue eyes and says it would depend on the person. He states the breast remark was only a joke. (Uh-huh.)

Bath ring or wedding ring?

"Knowing this is a psychology test, I'm already doing the thinking of the answer," he says, adding he has no interest in either. He continues that he has no interest in getting married but he doesn't want a dirty bathtub either. He makes up his own answer with boxing ring. Gerard doesn't like this game anymore. (Are we making you squirm Gerry?)

Broadway or the West End?

Broadway. (Although he picked London without hesitation, this time Gerard picks N.Y. with no hesitation. Apparently L.A. just sucks.)

Billy Elliot or T.S. Elliot?

Billy Elliot. (Gotta dance! Think that chain mail chaffs?)

Styx or Stones?

The Stones. (Even though Gerard doesn't know who Styx is {C'mon 70s supergroup? Babe? Come Sail Away? Paradise Theatre?} he said no matter who you put next to the Stones he would always choose them. Memo: Send him a Greatest Hits CD of Styx)

Court date or courtship?

Hardship. (The former lawyer wants to remain that way. However, afraid of looking like a hopeless romantic he didn't want to choose courtship either. At least he has a sense of humor, he responded with this: "Sometimes you don't want either. Somebody says do you want a bucket of vomit or a big brown sh!t. I don't want a bucket of vomit or a big brown sh!t either.")

Megastar or Almost Famous?

Neither. (He says he is afraid of being a megastar but being almost famous sounds banal. To us it just sounds rather like a smashing movie title as well.)

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