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Gerard Butler: A Real Lifesaver

Category: Misc./General Career News
Article Date: September 1, 2003 | Publication: The Celtic Connection | Author: Robert Waldman

Posted by: admin

Not many actors can boast they've actually saved a life - in real life. Rising star Gerard Butler can. Once enrolled for a seven year stint to become a lawyer, this wayward Scot of Irish descent wisely opted for acting instead of those false courtside manners.

Given a good disposition and likeable manner, Glasgow's rising star has proven to be an extremely multi-talented individual who's equally adroit at making memorable impressions. Not bad for a young lad left adrift by a childhood divorce which saw him being raised part-time in Canada.

Credit a chance meeting with actor Stephen Berkoff at a London coffee shop for firmly planting the acting bud in this young Scot's mind.

Born November 13, 1969 in Glasgow, the strapping six-foot-two hunk is already being rumoured as a possible replacement for Pierce Brosnan when he vacates the coveted 007 role. Prior to that, Butler has emerged as a serious actor with a great pedigree worthy of James Bond himself.

Unlike the fictional Bond, Butler stared down death for real when he rescued a drowning lad in the River Taft while making his film debut in Mrs. Browne. Through this act of selflessness, Butler was given the Royal Human Society’s Certificate of Bravery.

Stateside Butler drew rave reviews for his work on the mini series Attila where he mesmerized audiences as The Hun himself. Prior to this notice, he was refining his craft through stage work in Coriolanus at London’s Mermaid Theatre as well as the lead character Renton, in Trainspotting. On the big screen Ewan McGregor played this central figure, but it was Butler who wowed customers at the stage play.

Always ready to take chances, physical prowess notwithstanding, this actor has even suffered injuries all in the line of duty. Pokes in the eye here, being thrown overboard naked in chilly waters there, all seem par for this course for this rising thespian.

Work on Tomorrow Never Dies and prominence in Dracula 2000 further add to the resume of this star on the rise. People who caught Lara Croft Tomb Raider may have seen this Paisley raised actor at his charming, romantic best, while others may have enjoyed the fantasy so evident in the creative dragon laden Reign of Fire.

Look for more entertainment to emerge from one of Glasgow’s finest. Music admirers will get a chance to see Butler singing up a storm in the big screen version of The Phantom of the Opera. Sports junkies will also get a lift from his work in the soon to be completed, The Game of Their Lives, a tribute to a Cinderella American soccer story. Versatility seems to be Gerard Butler’s middle name. On screen quality shines bright whenever his name graces the screen.


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