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BEOWULF director is quite the ladies man

Category: Beowulf & Grendel News
Article Date: January 9, 2006 | Publication: The Desert Sun (Palm Springs) | Author: Jehan Seirafi

Posted by: admin

Ok, I'm going to come clean and admit that I don't think I ever read the epic poem of BEOWULF AND GRENDEL in high school. What most likely happened is that I picked up the Cliff Notes version and screeched by on the test. I sincerely regret that now after seeing the Sunday screening of Sturla Gunnarsson's interpretation.

Creating a mortal world in which mythological creatures exist and getting the audience to accept it is no small feat, but Gunnarsson achieves it amazingly and beautifully. The epic came alive against the backdrop of Iceland; the landscape alone was worth the 2 hours spent in the theater. Gunnarrson described the land as "another character in the film, both in what it demanded of [the cast and crew] and what it gave back."

Yes, Gunnarrson did show up to The Annenberg on Sunday, and along with him came a sea of devoted female fans. It seemed as if Hollywood had descended onto the Desert Museum; there were camera flashes, autograph signing, and plenty of screaming from the audience. In between the continual shouts from his fan club, Gunnarsson said he felt like Mick Jagger's roadie - with his celebrity, he seemed more on par with Jagger hiself.

BEOWULF AND GRENDEL was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon - hiding away in a dark theater, nursing a bit of a hangover from the post-awards Parker party the night before. It was a movie that achieved all elements, it was visually captivating, the acting (with one exception) was impeccable, and the writing kept the audience delicately balanced on a thin line between laughter and tears.

Although this weekend was the last viewing, the director said he hopes to release the film on DVD. For those of you who missed it, not to mention all of us who skipped reading the poem back in high school, let's hope he does.



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