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The Tarts are here!!

Category: Beowulf & Grendel News
Article Date: January 11, 2006 | Publication: The Desert Sun (Palm Springs) | Author: Jehan Seirafi

Posted by: admin

A few more words on BEOWULF AND GRENDEL. I've gotten quite a few emails concerning my remarks about the movie. According to one of these emails, my blog "created a stir on" (Butler being the lead actor in the film), and I figured public forum would be a much easier response than hitting "reply" over and over again.

The film itself was great, an epic tale superbly reenacted on the screen. It was my comments on the self-named 'Tarts' that apparently caused some rumblings. Those "continual shouts from [director Sturla Gunnarrson's] fan club" that I spoke of, were actually the Tarts, members of the Gerard Butler (Beowulf) fan club. I think the name is a reference to Bulter's Scottish roots, but don't quote me on this one.

These "Gerry's ladies" traveled to Palm Springs from all over California and Arizona to see the U.S. premiere of their leading man's newest flick - I heard there was over 80 of them in town. Many turned out to the Toronto Film Fest back in September to show their support for Butler and to see the world premiere of the movie as well. This is where many met, fell in love with, and "adopted" Sturla Gunnarrson. Email after email I received glowed of this 'humble,' 'kind,' 'modest,' 'personable,' 'generous,' 'approachable' and 'patient' man.

The attention from Butler's fans is what Gunnarrson was referring to when he said that he felt like "Mick Jagger's roadie." But after seeing the movie and the reaction of the audience and the Tarts to Gunnarrson, I'm still going to stand by my statement that the director was the real star on Sunday.

I'm going to tread very lightly on this next point. Many of you wanted to know who the "one exception" was to the "impeccable acting." Now remember this dear reader, us festibloggers have spent many a dark hour in the theater, but I don't think that qualifies us as expert movie critics. Well, maybe with the exception of Christopher. That guy knows more about movies than Roger Ebert himself. So please, please, please don't hang me for these comments, its just my opinion, and really, what do I know. All I'm going to tell you is that the one exception is none of the MALE lead roles. I think that whittles the possibilities down to just about one.

So there you have it.


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