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Miller as Director

Category: 300 News
Article Date: January 6, 2006 | Publication: Now Playing Magazine | Author: Scott Collura

Posted by: admin

Comics scribe Frank Miller once wrote a pretty bad movie called Robocop 2. More recently, he wrote and co-directed a very good movie called Sin City. And now, Miller has several more film projects in the works that are based on his various graphic novels, including Zach Snyder’s 300 and another Sin City (but not including last summer’s Batman Begins and its inevitable sequel, the former of which isn’t technically based on Miller’s work – even though it clearly is based on Miller’s work).

Anyway, some press got the chance to visit the set of 300 last month up in Montreal, and while there Miller talked a bit about that film and Sin City 2. is the latest site to offer up some of Miller’s talk from that set visit, including the revelation that he wants to direct his adaptations himself for now on.

“It’s not hard. It’s agonizing,” Miller says of the fact that he’s not co-directing 300 with Snyder, as he did Sin City with Robert Rodriguez. “Damn Zach Snyder! But no, it’s in good hands.”

Miller goes on to confirm that 300 is the last Frank Miller adaptation that “won’t be directed by Frank Miller,” and that includes his Martha Washington - if and when it makes it to the big screen.

He also responds to critics of his latest comic series, All Star Batman and Robin, thusly:

“If the Internet had been around for Dark Knight [Returns], they would have been complaining as much as they are now, because the Internet is there for people to complain. Batman says ‘Goddamn’ and they get the vapors. Screw ‘em.”


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