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Matador-hot heartthrob here in February

Category: Shattered News
Article Date: January 18, 2006 | Publication: The Vancouver Sun (British Columbia) | Author: Lynne McNamara

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Heartthrob alert. Pierce Brosnan will be arriving here in the next month or so to co-star in the indie thriller, Butterfly on a Wheel, with Maria Bello and Scottish star Gerard Butler. Mike Barker will direct for Brosnan's L.A.-based production company, Irish DreamTime (which was formed in 1996 with his biz partner Beau St. Clair with the goal of fostering new talent and producing independent and studio films), Icon Productions and Vancouver producer William Vince's Infinity Media, Inc.

Executive producers are Brosnan, Mel Gibson, St. Clair and Bruce Davey.

Brosnan gained my undying respect back in 1993 while here shooting a teensie TV movie called Don't Talk to Strangers.

He was sick as a dog with the flu, but nevertheless pulled himself together for an interview for my teensie BCTV News segment, Star Tracks. And his greeting: "McNa-mawra, for a Paddy, ya scrub up good!"

A mensch, if there ever were one.

This was before Bond. In fact when I asked him if the rumours that he'd soon take on the role were true, he said he'd heard the gossip, too, but was still waiting for the call. Well, a few years later, he's finally shedding that glossy image with his role in The Matador, where he plays a slimy hit man and in Butterfly, where he'll take on the juicy part of a brutal, kidnapping psycho whose deeds ruin an upscale family. Exteriors, we hear, will be shot in Chicago.

And Brosnan has just razored off the Uncle Sam-style chin hair grown for Seraphim Falls, a Civil War era western, co-starring Liam Neeson, shot in New Mexico and Oregon.

(By the way, did you see Phillip Seymour Hoffman accept his Golden Globe best actor award for Capote on Monday night? You may have noticed he gave a special thanks to the film's producer and his company: "Thank you Infinity, thank you Bill Vince, for helping us and sticking your neck out." That's because Vince took on the art house project when nobody else would. His reward: Infinity owns Capote!

And next, the Oscars....

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