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Fully vested

Category: Misc./General Career News
Article Date: March 1, 2005 | Publication: Best Life | Author: Heather Shimokawa & John Mather

Posted by: admin

Break out your three-piece suit, or better yet, update it as Mr. Butler did here

Photographs by Richard Phibbs

Gerard Butler is accustomed to taking risks. In 1995, he gave up a career in law to pursue acting, and he agreed to play the masked man in the recent film The Phantom of the Opera without having performed in a musical before. "In fact, I scheduled my first-ever singing lesson when I found out I was being sent the script," says the 35-year-old Scotsman.

Taking a jacket off once made a fashionable man run the risk of appearing unkempt in a meeting. Now that suit coats remain on hangers at work and on chair backs on dates, vested suits, like this gray wool three-piece from Polo Ralph Lauren, are a great way to keep looking polished when the coat comes off. "Plus," says Butler, "it adds a bit of jazz-band flair. I love that."

All clothing by Polo Ralph Lauren


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