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Studios to honor movie legends

Category: Misc./General Career News
Article Date: February 3, 2006 | Publication: Beacon Journal | Author: George M. Thomas

Posted by: admin

Q: George, I am a big movie fan who also gets very frustrated with the way independent movies are released (if at all) in this area. But I am now frustrated that the new Sturla Gunnarsson film ``Beowulf & Grendel'' does not seem to have distribution in the United States, maybe due to the new Robert Zemeckis film ``Beowulf,'' which is filming now. Since seeing Andrew Lloyd Webber's ``The Phantom of the Opera,'' I am a big Gerard Butler fan and a fan site has initiated an e-mail campaign at Fox Searchlight to release ``B&G'' in the U.S. Do you know if we have been successful? -- Debbie Summers via e-mail.

A: Debbie, I don't know where you get your information, but Fox Searchlight doesn't have distribution rights to Beowulf & Grendel. As of right now, no one does. The movie was produced by Arclight Films. My research shows that no one has committed to distributing the movie here yet and given that Robert Zemeckis, an Oscar winner, is creating his own version, I doubt any major studio will.

Q: George, I'm a huge Gerard Butler fan, and I was curious about a film of his called ``The Game of Their Lives.'' I think it's about a soccer game, also starring David Wenham. Could you give me some information about its release date and where it was released at? -- Ashley, Uniontown, Ohio.

A: Phans of the Phantom appear to be coming from out of the shadows this week. The Game of Their Lives was in limited release on April 22. I wasn't able to track down information on a home video release.


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