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Butterfly cast expands

Category: Shattered News
Article Date: January 1, 2006 | Publication: Cinematical | Author: Martha Fischer

Posted by: admin

Butterfly on a Wheel, an indie flick with an increasingly a-list cast, has just added a pair of names to the big one of star Pierce Brosnan. Brosnan, who clearly is participating in the film as part of his continuing effort to choose non-Bond roles, plays Ryan, a "cold and calculating sociopath" who kidnaps a child, and takes over the lives of her parents "with the brutal efficiency of someone who has nothing to lose." The parents will be played by Maria Bello, whose star is rising rather rapidly in the wake of A History of Violence, and Phantom of the Opera Gerard Butler.

The film, by writer William Morrissey, sounds incredibly vicious and dark (there's a synopsis here). If it's done well, it'll be difficult to watch - just what Brosnan is looking for to finally free him from hold of his Bond persona. Frustratingly, however, it won't start filming until March, and probably won't appear in theaters until 2007.


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