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Beowulf & Grendel Sells out Sarasota Festival

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Article Date: April 10, 2006 | Publication: MoviesOnline.Ca | Author: Michael

Posted by: admin

The talented team behind Beowulf and Grendel dropped us a line to tell us it has been a smash hit at the Sarasota Film Festival. B&G is the only film at the festival to be shown 3 times with all 3 dates being sold out prior to screening. Sturla is in attendance. The festival ends on Sunday. This U.S. appearance comes as the film begins it's 5th week in Canadian theatres.

Upcoming film festivals are Amsterdam April 19-26; Seattle, WA May 25-Jun 18; New Zealand July 13-Aug 6; Tampa Bay, FL Aug 1-5; Gimli, Manitoba Aug 1-5. Be sure and check it out at its upcoming festivals and support this film. You can read a review that Emily Pitt contribute to our site, right here Based on the epic 9th century Anglo-Saxon poem, "Beowulf", that inspired J. R. Tolkien, it tells the blood-soaked tale of a Norse warrior's battle against a great and murderous troll, Grendel, who is threatening the kingdom of Hrothgar, the much respected King of the Danes.

Out of allegiance to the King, Beowulf leads a troop of warriors across the sea to rid a village of the marauding monster. The monster, Grendel, is not a creature of mythic powers, but one of flesh and blood - immense flesh and raging blood, driven by a vengeance from being wronged. Beowulf's willingness to kill on behalf of Hrothgar wavers when it becomes clear that the King is more responsible for the trollís rampages than was first apparent. And Beowulf's relationship with a provocative witch, Selma, creates further confusion. Swinging his sword at a stinking beast is no longer such a simple act.

Building toward an inevitable and terrible battle - with many heads rolling along the way - "Beowulf & Grendel" is a tale where vengeance, loyalty and mercy powerfully entwine. A story of blood and beer and sweat, of sick jokes and fear of the dark, "Beowulf & Grendel" strips away the mask of the heromyth, leaving a raw and tangled tale.


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