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Article Date: May 18, 2004 | Publication: Daily Record | Author: By John Millar

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Scots film star lands Burns role

SCOTS star Gerard Butler will play Robert Burns in a saucy new bio-pic.

Gerard who starred opposite Angelina Jolie in the second Tomb Raider film was unveiled as the star of Burns in Cannes yesterday.

The star, from Paisley, said: 'It's a Scots actor's dream.' Writer Alan Sharp, who also penned Rob Roy, has promised the screen will sizzle with randy Rabbie's sexual exploits.

Butler, 34, said: 'The script captures the emotional, physical and intellectual intensity of Burns.'

But producers admitted the movie might not be made in Burns country.

They want to make the movie in Ayrshire but that depends on financing.

Butler's casting ends three years of speculation about who would play the bard.

Ewan McGregor, Robert Carlyle and Johnny Depp were all big names in the frame.

Butler will be joined by an all-star Scots cast of Brian Cox, John Hannah and James Cosmo.

Talks are under way with top Hollywood actresses for the roles of Burns's wife Jean Armour and lover Agnes McLehose.

Butler was chosen partly because he looks like Burns.

Producer Andrew Boswell said: 'He is a great actor who has all the qualities that are needed to bring the complexities of Burns to the screen.'

The film will be directed by Vadim Jean, who made One More Kiss and Leon The Pig Farmer.

Filming starts early next year.


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