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Movie is dear to our hearts

Category: Dear Frankie News
Article Date: May 27, 2006 | Publication: Grennock Telegraph | Author: Editors

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TWO movie fans from America are to visit Inverclyde because their favourite film was shot here.

The girls, from California and Texas, are huge fans of the film Dear Frankie and its heartthrob star Gerard Butler and wanted to soak up the atmosphere of the movie by going to the places where it was filmed.

Katie McCarthy, 22, and her friend Lindsey Eudy, 20, are coming to Inverclyde in December. They knew that Dear Frankie, released last year, was filmed in the west of Scotland but didn't know exactly where.

They contacted the Tele — and we made their dreams come true by giving them the information they needed to plan their trip.

They will now take in all the sights of Dear Frankie, which was filmed in Greenock and Gourock and was written by Greenock screenwriter Andrea Gibb. Much of the film is shot on the banks of the Clyde and the cranes, docks and container terminal are pivotal to the story.

The film was a hit across the pond where the Scottish scenery and hunky Butler won legions of fans.

Katie said: "In the spring of 2005, we saw a movie that captured our hearts — Dear Frankie. The beauty of the scenery took our breath away and we knew right then that visiting that place was something we had to do.

“We both adore Gerard Butler and this movie, so it seemed like a perfect thing to do together, knowing we would appreciate seeing these places from the film equally as much.

"We have stood in awe of the beauty of Scotland for several years. One thing led to another and it all fell into place for us. Now we are living for December to make our journey to the wonderful, beautiful and captivating Greenock!

"This movie means the world to my best friend and I and being able to see where it was filmed will be everything to us."

This story appeared in the Greenock Telegraph on Sat, 27 May, 2006


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