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Speaking of Gerard Butler

Category: 300 News
Article Date: June 27, 2006 | Publication: The Beat at Comicon | Author: Heidi MacDonald

Posted by: admin

The programing for this year's San Diego Comic-Con has yet to be announced, although based on the amount of email everyone is getting about whether they will be on panels or not, it's imminent. The one thing we've been telling everyone who wants us to be on their panel is, "If it's up against Gerard Butler, we can't do it."

Now, we don't know for SURE that dear, dear Gerard Butler will be at San Diego, but if 300 isn't one of the movies that gets its own spotlight, we'll eat our hat, your hat, and Gerard Butler's hat. And what would a movie spotlight be with the star? So is this a date with destiny, a rendezvous with Rama, a waiting for Guffman for The Beat? Developing.


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