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Article Date: May 21, 2004 | Publication: Edmonton Journal (Alberta) | Author: Jay Stone

Posted by: admin

CANNES, France - The long-awaited film version of The Phantom of the Opera sneaked into Cannes this week, leaving some intriguing clues in its wake.

The movie, which has been talked about for 18 years, stars Gerard Butler as the Phantom and was directed by Joel Schumacher. A five-minute segment of the film was shown to distributors at a hush-hush Cannes screening from which media were barred.

However, word has leaked out that the film opens with a black-and-white sequence that slowly becomes colour, and the sumptuously designed film was enthusiastically greeted.

Variety magazine says there will also be a new song in the movie, an Andrew Lloyd Webber-Charles Hart number called No One Would Listen, sung by the Phantom.

The movie is to open at Christmas in the U.S., following an earlier U.K. release. The official title will be Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera.

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