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Article Date: July 19, 2006 | Publication: The Insider | Author: Commentary

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Interview with PIERCE BROSNAN

There he is – the new Bond, Daniel Craig. He springs into action November 17th but where is the man who put 007 back on the movie map? Pierce Brosnan has turned bad. More on the set in this Insider first.

PB “I’m always on the road, which is .. which has gotten harder and harder because I have a family”.

Family man Pierce Brosnan, opening up about his five kids – that’s right five – getting ready to celebrate his fifth wedding anniversary with Keeley Shaye Smith.

PB “At this point in my career, it’s .. everything’s open. Having been kind of kept on a fairly tight leash for a number of years, happily so in some respects, this is like just being a working actor again, without a safety net.”

Is Pierce referring to life as a married man or his decade long career as 007? Either way, he admits he’s been “happily tied down” but now he’s the one calling the shots on the set of his new thriller and the Insider is on the set of “Butterfly on a Wheel”.

Tough, threatening and vicious beyond words, it’s a big change from Bond – James Bond. Get ready for a whole new side of Pierce, playing a cut throat kidnapper with no remorse.

PB “He brutalises them so badly and you’re never sure why until the end”

Pierce not only stars in “Butterfly”; he also produced the film in which he kidnaps a couple’s young daughter and terrorises her for 24 hours. Gerard Butler and Maria Bello co-star.

PB “I think Maria is an actress who is at the top of her game. She was really hungry for this; she wanted this.”

The Golden Globe nominee says it hit a little too close to home:-

Maria B “Well I have a five year old at home and it’s just heartbreaking to even imagine”

You know playing the bad guy seems to be working out for Pierce. He received a Golden Globe nomination earlier this year as a hit man in The Matador.

Thanks to crosswest for the transcript!


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