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Category: Transcripts
Article Date: May 9, 2004 | Publication: Unknown (French TV) | Author: Editors

Posted by: admin

The clip begins with a short introduction in French and a short clip of Dear Frankie before Gerry is interviewed.

GB “You can certainly take more risks, you know, I mean a lot of my favourite and craziest work has been in little projects that I did – short films or, you know, low budget movies that you kind of thought would never see the light of day, and that’s .. so you can do .. you know, I mean I’ve done some scary s**t in these things, you know. I mean I f****d a camel in my friend’s short film and I loved that when I read the script. I went “What – do I have to s**g a camel? Fantastic – that’s me. I love that. Yeah, yeah. I mean I didn’t really, really do it but I had the tail and I was like (Gerry demonstrates at this point). I don’t think that’s going to make television!

Anyway, so I’ve done some … and that .. you’re not … you don’t have to conform so much to mainstream, to what is the lowest common denominator of what you think everybody’s going to like; and that’s what often happens in larger studio movies, you know. You read a script, you think “that’s great” but you know it’s going to disappear, you know, either by the time you shoot it or by the time they’ve edited the movie.

Alright – cheers, thanks”.


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