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Article Date: April 9, 2005 | Publication: The Insider | Author: Lara Spencer

Posted by: admin

Interviewer is Lara Spencer

And Hunk Friday goes New York as Lara flirts her way through Manhattan with her new crush, Gerard Butler.

Interviewer “Are you dating anybody? I’ll be jealous”

GB “No then – I’m not.”

The 35 year old Scotsman, who played The Phantom of the Opera, is a very single Scorpio.

Interviewer “Have you been married?”

GB “No”.

Interviewer “Single forever?”

GB “I wasn’t always single. I’ve had girlfriends”.

Gerard puts his brooding good looks to great use in the touching film “Dear Frankie”, opening this month, and it’s sure to light even more fires under his sizeable female fanbase.

GB “It’s nice to know that people get what you do, you know, that they relate and you make them passionate about something, you know – so long as they don’t start calling you a hundred times a day”

Thanks to crosswest for transcribing this for us!


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