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Gerard Butler Haunts From Beyond

Category: P.S. I Love You News
Article Date: August 26, 2006 | Publication: CinemaBlend | Author: Lexi Feinberg

Posted by: admin

What would you do if your husband died, and yet he was the one helping you grieve? Seems like an odd situation, but death has a funny way of being overly complex. Gerard Butler has joined Hilary Swank for the drama P.S. I Love You, playing the dead husband who had the good sense to plan ahead.

According to Hollywood Reporter, the Warner Bros. project is finally starting to take shape. Based on the best-selling Cecelia Ahern novel, P.S. I Love You is about a grieving young widow (Swank) who misses her husband. Things get weird (in a good way) when she discovers that he left her a list of tasks, revealed in 10 monthly messages, to try and help her overcome her grief and move forward.

Richard LaGravenese is set to direct the project. Butler spooked audiences with Phantom of the Opera, and Swank can be seen next in The Black Dahlia, playing against type as a femme fatale. Shooting will take place in New York and Ireland in the fall.


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