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Article Date: September 24, 2006 | Publication: Sunday Mail | Author: MICKEY McMONAGLE

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LEONARDO DICAPRIO has revealed he is a huge fan of Scots film-maker Nick Bicanic.

Nick's debut film, Shadow Company, has already won praise from stars such as actor Gerry Butler.

The documentary details the violence waged by mercenaries in modern war.

DiCaprio used the film as research for his role as a soldier of fortune in forthcoming epic The Blood Diamond.

Nick said: "I sent a copy of the film to Ed Zwick as I knew he was directing this film - he loved it so much he invited me to the set in Mozambique.

"Leo really liked it, too. He came over and talked about it, telling me about very specific scenes and elements he liked. He took the time to watch it and remember it which was great - a nice introduction to Hollywood royalty."

Nick, 32, from Glasgow, had old pal Gerry Butler narrate the harrowing movie. He said: "We didn't put his name on the film as I didn't want to abuse the favour he had done me.

"But I'd love to work with Gerry again and we have talked about it - we'd like to do something in Scotland."

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