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You wait ages to see an Oscar winner in Wicklow, then two turn up at once...

Category: P.S. I Love You News
Article Date: October 3, 2006 | Publication: Daily Mail (London) | Author: ALAN SHERRY

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SHE is, of course, well acquainted with walking up the red carpet on Oscars night.

But as the first day of filming of PS I Love You got under way in Co.

Wicklow yesterday, two-time Academy Award winner Hilary Swank was spotted wearing a pair of red wellies between scenes.

Meanwhile, fellow star Kathy Bates was well wrapped up in a large insulated-jacket. The star, who won her Oscar for Misery, won't have to put up with it for long though, as she was only in Ireland for one day of filming before returning to the U.S. She said she was looking forward to joining the crew when they shoot scenes in New York in a couple of weeks' time.

Miss Swank, 32, is playing the lead role in the film based on Cecelia Ahern's best-selling novel. She stars as a young widow who is struggling to come to terms with her husband's death. After his passing, she discovers a box of letters with instructions to open one letter a month for the next ten months. Each letter contains a task to complete that helps her slowly to come to terms with his death and move on with her life.

Scottish actor Gerard Butler takes the role of her late husband.

Butler previously starred in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and played Count Dracula in Dracula 2000, while Swank has won Oscars for her roles in Boys Don't Cry and Million-Dollar Baby.

The film is being directed by Richard LaGravenese, who previously worked with Swank on the film Freedom Writers.

He's a dab hand at weepies, having written the screenplays for The Horse Whisperer and The Bridges of Madison County.

James Marsters and Gina Gershon recently signed on to star in the film.

Marsters is best-known for playing the vampire Spike in the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer while Gershon starred in sexually provocative films Bound and Showgirls.

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