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Hilary's 'Love' Talk

Category: P.S. I Love You News
Article Date: November 17, 2006 | Publication: The Insider Online | Author: editors

Posted by: admin

She was the driving force behind the short-lived, reality TV show, "Celebrity Charades," but in her new movie, HILARY SWANK takes a crack at karaoke. So how did she do?

"Let's just say we should leave that scene to HARRY CONNICK JR.," she jokes. "I should stick to my day job."

Hilary joins Harry, LISA KUDROW and an ensemble cast of actors in 'P.S., I Love You,' a bittersweet drama about a young woman whose husband mails her a series of inspirational letters before his imminent death. The movie has been adapted by RICHARD LaGRAVENESE from the bestselling novel by CECELIA AHERN.

"He knows he's dying so he's able to write letters and have them sent," Hilary says. "It's so sweet to help your significant other move on and grow and just knowing what they need before they pass on is such a moving, loving gesture. And there's so many funny moments too!"

GERRY BUTLER ('Phantom of the Opera') plays her husband in the film, which she's currently shooting in New York. Each of his letters encourages her to try something wacky, like karaoke, which is how she winds up singing PRINCE's "Get Off" in the movie.

"No one should try to sound like Prince, no one!" the Oscar winner jokes. "Maybe we should re-shoot in fact! I'll be right back."

'P.S., I Love You' is expected to open next year. For more with Hilary, watch tonight's "Insider."


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