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The Eligibles 2006 Top 50 Men

Category: Misc./General Career News
Article Date: November 19, 2006 | Publication: Scotland on Sunday | Author: Editors

Posted by: admin

Actor, 37
Lives London, Los Angeles and New York.

Who is he? He may not have a licence to kill - Gerard was among those tipped to play the new James Bond - but Gerry hasn't been sitting still. After appearing in Mrs Brown and Dear Frankie, he played the lead in The Phantom of the Opera, beating Antonio Banderas and John Travolta to the role. With another five films in the pipeline, dating takes a back seat. "The way I've been working, it's a non-event."

Turn-on The poetry of Burns. "He was an incredible artist, and a passionate and sexy human being - grrrrr!"

Turn-off The law. His previous career in an Edinburgh legal practice turned him to drink. But since being fired and taking up acting, he hasn't touched a drop.

Dream date Looks like there's hope for all of us. "I appreciate and love women for many reasons," he says. "Tall and small, plump and skinny, and crazy and demure - I see beauty in all of them."


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