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Article Date: June 4, 2004 | Publication: Daily Mail (London) | Author: BAZ BAMIGBOYE

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MINNIE DRIVER stands centre stage at the Paris Opera in a luscious pink gown as she plays Carlotta, a singer who has become an enemy of The Phantom Of The Opera.

The role called for a soaring soprano voice and this was helpfully provided for Ms Driver by a singer behind the scenes dubbing her lines. In fact, the British actress is a gifted vocalist, but hadn't been trained to hit the high notes required for this role.

The other lead stars in the Joel Schumacher-directed film are Emmy Rossum, as the ingenue Christine, and the two men who love her - Gerard Butler in the title role and Patrick Wilson, who plays wealthy Raoul.

Andrew Lloyd Webber, who created the show for the stage, has adapted his sweeping score for the big screen.

He showed me some footage on Wednesday and if the 15 minutes I viewed are anything to go by, the opulent, deeply romantic and heartbreaking picture could become one of the year's major hits.

Warner Bros has rights to the film in America and, initially, it wasn't interested in distributing the movie elsewhere. However, last month - after showing some scenes to enthusiastic U.S. cinema owners - it tried to buy distribution rights for foreign territories, including the UK. But it was too late, the rights had been sold elsewhere and even though Warner offered two to three times the amount paid for the non-U.S. rights, it had missed out.

The Phantom Of The Opera has its world premiere in London on December 6 and goes nationwide on December 10.

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