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Cecelia Sets Her Sights on TV Series

Category: P.S. I Love You News
Article Date: February 1, 2007 | Publication: Irish Post | Author: Staff

Posted by: DaisyMay

AT JUST 25 years of age bestselling author Cecelia Ahern has achieved a lot in her career. But now she has set her sights on television.

The Taoiseach’s daughter has teamed up with the makers of hit TV dramas Desperate Housewives and Lost for a new TV series she successfully pitched to Hollywood. She was celebrating after ABC television in the US gave the green light for a pilot show which is called Carpoolers.

The series is set in America and revolves around a group of suburban guys who carpool to work together every day.

She pitched the idea for the show in Hollywood some months ago. If the pilot is a success the full series will then start production and it will begin on TV in America in the autumn.

Cecelia Ahern developed the idea with Hollywood screenwriter Don Todd and the script for the pilot was written by Todd who will be executive producer for the pilot. Ahern will also work as producer of the show giving her a high degree of control of the forthcoming production.

Ahern has already had four bestselling novels to her name. Both her latest book — A Place Called Here — and the paperback version of her last book — If You Could See Me Now — are currently high in the bestseller lists.

Her first book PS I Love You — published when she was only 21 — became an instant international bestseller and is being made into a feature film by Warner Brothers Pictures.

Meanwhile movie rights for her second book — Where Rainbows End — are under discussion. With four books and the lucrative movie deal under her belt already this new project is likely to add considerably to her wealth.


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