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Gods Almighty - No Mercy on the Battlefield (Blog)

Category: 300 Reviews
Article Date: February 9, 2007 | Publication: Alternatural Thoughts Blogspot | Author: Oliver

Posted by: stagewomanjen

Once again, thanks to Daisymay for the article!

Early this week, I was able to attend a special preview of the Zack Snyder-directed 300, based on Frank Millerís limited series. Awesome, awesome movie. I loved the moody, stylized look, the muted colors, and kickass battle sequences and character designs. Gerard Butler did a good job as Leonidas, leader of the 300 Spartan soldiers, as did Rodrigo Santoro, who played Xerxes, the conquering god-king to legions.

Thanks to the Warner people for that and the thick and pretty Art of 300 book, too. The movie opens March 7th. I hope it stays uncut.


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