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300 Sequel and Watchmen Rumors - Confirmation Coming Soon

Category: 300 News
Article Date: February 10, 2007 | Publication: FirstShowing.Net | Author: Alex Billington

Posted by: admin

I just finished up at a press screening for 300 out in LA and overheard some very interesting rumors. First is that Frank Miller himself (who unfortunately broke his hip and won't be at any interviews tomorrow) has a desire to work on creating a “sequel” to 300. Initially unsure of how that would happen because it has a historical ending, it still may be possible (especially after the movie and its soon to be immense success). Secondly, I heard that the Watchmen comic book adaptation is confirmed as happening and being made by Zack Snyder. Take these as you will as they are both still in rumor status, but tomorrow I will be confirming and/or denying them while I'm out here in Los Angeles. Stay tuned here on for the details!


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