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One More Kiss Review

Category: One More Kiss Reviews
Article Date: March 1, 2000 | Publication: 6 Degrees - The Film Connection | Author: Emma Fitzmaurice

Posted by: admin

Vadim Jean, the director of 'Leon the Pig farmer', hits the screens again with another emotionally saturated tale of love and loss. A high achieving New Yorker returns to her hometown in Scotland in search of her childhood sweetheart. Then add the wife, a fatal brain cancer and a demanding personality and you have 'One More Kiss', a realistic and hopelessly optimistic journey through rediscovering love and altering perceptions.

Less obscure than I believed on original viewing, I find myself questioning this woman's need to be fulfilled before death (why wouldn't she just wallow in self-pity?) It took me a week to work out that hers was the lateral option and that when hearing of people with fatal illnesses, you also hear about how they manipulate their last moments in pursuit of their dreams. Jean's painful accuracy within the spectrum of emotional realism is perhaps the most compelling reason to watch the film.

Set on the Scottish borders, 'One More Kiss' offers an isolated existence, which is strangely evocative of home as a concept rather than setting. There is an overwhelming focus on the environment and its freedom, which created a sense of loss separate to that produced by the story line. Using only natural light enhances the already apparent natural elements of the film. Air shots and tracking shots run rife to show every Londoner (or whatever City it should be) how "void of meaning" life really is until they are back experiencing the basic elements of nature and simplicity.

Although the narrative is touching and often quirky I am not convinced that cinema is where it belongs. This is not to suggest that the film does not connect to the emotions that it sets out to. Or that the acting (which is almost flawless for their first feature film) does not convince me of the absurdly comic yet touching moments, merely that it may prove better as a Sunday evening viewing.

Gerard Butler Sam
James Cosmo Frank
Valerie Edmond Sarah
Valerie Gogan Charlotte
Danny Nussbaum Jude

Director Vadim Jean
Writer Suzie Halewood
Producers Michael Braham, Paul Brooks, Sara Giles
Music David A. Hughes
Cinematographer Mike Fox
Editor Joe McNally


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