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Dying for a spot of romance

Category: One More Kiss Reviews
Article Date: February 19, 2000 | Publication: The Sun | Author: Nick Fisher

Posted by: admin


Gerry Butler, James Cosmo, Valerie Edmond, Valerie Gogan

1hr 37mins (Metrodome)

IF YOU suddenly discovered you only had a couple of months to live, it would certainly make you think hard about what you want to do with the rest of your life.

That is the premise behind this well-written, well-acted, touching British drama. Valerie Edmond plays Sarah, a successful businesswoman who gives up her high-flying job in New York and travels back to her northern borders home town when she discovers she has terminal brain cancer.

She has made a list of things she wants to do before she dies, which include trying to spend some quality time with her childhood sweetheart Sam (Butler).


The only trouble is, he is not happily married and his wife is none too keen on his cavorting around with a desperate woman he used to be in love with, even if she is dying.

But Sarah's impending death makes her selfish to have her own way.

The climax creates the ultimate romantic quandary for Sam - is it better to live a long life with someone you don't love, or a tragically short one with someone you do?

Made by Vadim Jean, director of Leon The Pig Farmer, this is one of those films that is full of happy contradictions - it is about death, but it is strangely hopeful.

As British movies go, it is a stunningly good effort, written by first-time feature screenwriter Suzie Halewood. This will get your tears flowing and set the scene for a warm-hearted hand-holding Saturday night weepie.



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