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One More Kiss

Category: One More Kiss Reviews
Article Date: January 21, 2000 | Publication: Empire Online | Author: Monika Maurer

Posted by: admin

Vadim Jean, of Leon The Pig Farmer fame, turns his hand to an altogether different genre in One More Kiss, a serious drama about living life to the full when you've got terminal cancer. It's by no means an original theme, but it's thoughtfully handled and manages to avoid mawkish cliches along the way.

When Sarah (Edmond) discovers she has a brain tumour, she leaves her successful life in New York and returns to her hometown in the Scottish Borders, hoping to hook up with her childhood sweetheart, Sam (Butler). She may have broken his heart seven years ago and he may be married now, but these facts do not deter Sarah from embarking upon a series of sky-diving, kite-flying adventures with Sam in a final attempt to achieve her 'Things I Want(ed) To Do' list.

Edmond successfully portrays Sarah as a selfish, belligerent but ultimately likeable human being coping with the hand she has been dealt. One More Kiss is not about the physical effects of illness - Sarah is healthily handsome throughout the film - but the psychological effects of being given a life sentence, and Edmond never once overplays her cards. With equally excellent performances from the three other main cast members, this is a great example of fine ensemble acting.

But it's not just about performances. Set against the austere beauty of Scotland, One More Kiss is quite wonderful to look at and easily director Jean's most cinematic film to date. Making the most of a seaside location and using only natural light, Jean manages to make both dour grey drizzle and luminous sunsets atmospheric. And despite its potentially depressing themes, the outcome of the film, although by no means cheery, proves to be surprisingly life-affirming, with a sincere and moving message which should inspire all those who see it - you know, 'Carpe diem' and all that.


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