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Out on a limb in the wilds

Category: One More Kiss Reviews
Article Date: January 20, 2000 | Publication: The Herald (Glasgow) | Author: William Russell

Posted by: admin

Vadim Jean's One More Kiss is set in Berwick upon Tweed, which looks gorgeous. It should do wonders for the local tourist trade. But the plot is dire. Valerie Edmonds is Sarah, a prickly, unsympathetic young woman who has come home from America to die from brain cancer, doing so, as is the way in films, without so much as smudging her mascara, except that Ms Edmonds is more your shiny-nose type who has no truck with cosmetics. She descends unannounced on her old chef boyfriend, Sam (Gerry Butler, who could give Marco Pierre a run for his money in the kitchen sexpot stakes when wearing his whites) and tells him she wants to spend what time she has left with him. This naturally upsets his plump wee wife, Valerie Gogan, a lady who looks as if her life is one long bad hair day, but gives the lanky lad pause for thought. After all, it is nice to be wanted, even by someone who looks like a lady golfer.

The photography apart, and a rather good stand-up row husband and wife have in the restaurant in front of all the customers, the best thing in the film is James Cosmo as Sarah's disappointed old pianist dad, whose life she also decides to put to rights. He is truly splendid. Jean's direction is adept, the photography outstanding, and Butler looks ever so pretty tossing his locks in the east coast breeze. But, even at 99 minutes, Sarah takes an awful long time to kick the bucket. She should have jumped off the top of the Empire State building, which is where we find her at the start, and spared us the rest of the movie. A small point, but if Sam is such a chic chef why is there no silver service in his bijou eaterie?

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