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'300' premieres in Berlin

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Article Date: February 18, 2007 | Publication: Reuters - Rough Cut | Author: editors

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Feb. 14 - Frank Miller comic book adaptation "300" receives its world premiere in Berlin.

Director Zack Snyder uses cutting edge technology to tell an ancient tale in his new film "300", an ultra-violent depiction of the legendary battle between Spartans and Persians at Thermopylae in 480 BC.

Severed limbs fly, decapitations get the slow motion treatment, Persians are gorged by a charging rhinoceros, elephants are dashed on the rocks and there is blood everywhere. And it is all achieved thanks to computer generated special effects, including the almost exclusive use of blue screens behind actors on which the background was later superimposed.

Based on a graphic novel of the same name by Frank Miller, "300" does not pretend to be realistic or historically accurate, Snyder told Reuters in Berlin, where the film had its world premiere late on Wednesday (February 14) and is in competition at the Berlin Film Festival.


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