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Ooooh things to look forward to

Category: 300 News
Article Date: February 18, 2007 | Publication: Nukapala (Blog) | Author: Manda

Posted by: DaisyMay

ooooh! things to look forward to

nathan fillion is back! in a new show called drive on fox. which means ofcourse, it will probably get cancelled mid season. but i'm determined to enjoy it while it lasts.

300. reasons to already love this film; frank miller. gerard butler. david wenham. 300 spartans wearing nothing other than a helmet and loin cloth. ssssssssssssssss.

reasons to be leary of this film: director zack snyder. my theory however is this: the producers hired a director they could direct, so the movie ends up as close to frank miller's graphic novel as possible - and hired gerard butler to lead the cast bc let's face it - the man needs no direction. he is a force. a sexy sexy force.

transformers. i'm just bursting with excitement over this!!! i might piss myself waiting until july. also, just watched the original movie again (ok, 4 times in a row) this past week - including the dvd extras (gush!!!) where in interviews with the writers, directors and voice actors they say ... i shit you not: "we really didn't think killing optimus would be such a big deal. we just saw that we needed to get rid of the old toy line to make way for the new models." adults are so stupid.

anyway, the new optimus looks like the son of old optimus and hot rod. what? they're robots. they can totally same-sex procreate if they want to. i'm pretty stoked. i really loved hot rod. i think it was because i really loved judd nelson. he was the only reason i bothered to watch suddenly susan, that's for sure.


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