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I Can't Wait for 300 (The Movie That Is)

Category: 300 News
Article Date: February 19, 2007 | Publication: Blowing Smoke | Author: Kamal Aboukhater

Posted by: DaisyMay

300 based on Frank Millers (Sin City, Robocop 3) graphic novel looks amazing, finally a movie worth going to the theater for. But what I like most about this movie is that Warner Brothers have finally come to their senses and played their cards right with this one. They shied away from big overrated expensive bullshit actors and stuck with great talent delivering great performances like Gerard Butler (Beowulf & Grendel, Dear Frankie) and Lena Heady (The Brothers Grimm, The Cave).
A $60 million dollar budget that focused on pure production essence with lots of blue screen sets and beaucoup CGI backgrounds.
Movie opens March 9th. This is going to be a Gem on Bue Ray.


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