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300 Is Coming

Category: 300 News
Article Date: February 22, 2007 | Publication: Forbidden Planet International | Author: Joe

Posted by: DaisyMay

Warner Brothers have a UK website up for the movie adaptation of 300, which is marching towards us like a well-disciplined phalanx of Spartan warriors. Like most of you I’ve been looking at the various trailers that have teased us online, but last weekend when I went to see Hot Fuzz (highly recommended) I saw the 300 trailer on the big screen for the first time and by all the Greek gods I swear it was ten times as powerful as watching it on a computer screen. Classical history has always been a personal interest of mine, so combining it here with comics and movies is ticking a number of boxes for me and I can’t wait to finally see it. Meantime, for those who have had their curiosity peaked about this ancient world that laid down influences clear to the present day I’d recommend “The Spartans” by Cambridge scholar Paul Cartledge (who also advised on the Channel 4 documentary series of the same name) as an excellent introduction. We try to be educational sometimes, you know.
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