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Another Early Report on 300

Category: 300 News
Article Date: February 23, 2007 | Publication: CanMag | Author: Ryan Parsons

Posted by: DaisyMay

March is almost here and that means the release of Warner Bros' bonerific 300. I am still undecided about which screening I want to go to. Should I see it early on March 1st or wait until March 6th to see the press screening at IMAX? But that's another five days! What do to do...

While I wait for my turn to gloat at Spartan warriors, somebody out there has already seen the film and reports that it is like Gladiator on crack.

Early Review: 300

The good people over at ComingSoon have posted an early review for 300 that claims the film is the perfect experience for somebody who, well, likes these sort of films. You know, films that make you wish there was a "You May Get Wet" row so you can feel the blood splatter strike you in the face.

Yeah, that.

One always hopes when a graphic novel is adapted from the page to the screen that it's done by someone who understands and appreciates the original source material. That's certainly the case with Zack Snyder, who understands the appeal of Frank Miller's words and visuals as well as Robert Rodriguez did when he co-directed "Sin City." While the finite story of "300" might not be as strong an original work as Miller's "Sin City," it has the benefits of being a historic war epic, a genre that's thrived in cinema from "Ben Hur" to "Gladiator" and "Troy." Filtered through Frank Miller's warped imagination, it becomes a very different beast, though non-comic reading movie lovers might not find it nearly as foreign as "Sin City," "Hellboy" or other graphic novel adaptations.

"300" sometimes suffers the same problems of other historic war epics—does anyone really want or need to see 300 well-toned Spartans standing around talking?—Snyder perfectly captures the look and feel of Miller's original work with a movie that is fun, exciting and sick without ever losing sight of the story or characters. If you're into movies like "Braveheart" and "Gladiator," this one stands amongst them in a way that belies its "comic book" roots.

The review also hints that we should stick around for the films credits to see 'some of the coolest blood-splattering' to ever be seen... on end credits.

Check out the entire review on 300 over at ComingSoon.

300 opens to theatres on March 9th, 2007.


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