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Prepare for Glory

Category: 300 News
Article Date: February 23, 2007 | Publication: Transmissions & Confessions From a Mad World | Author: - Filmmaker

Posted by: DaisyMay


300: Got lucky enough to see Zach Snyder's/Frank Miller's 300 2 weeks ago and many of it's beaufituflly rendered (literally) imaged are still infiltrating my head. Seeing ads and billboards out for it now only get me excited to see it again, that's how utterly steeped in badassedness 300 is.
If you're a fan of Miller's graphic novel, you'll love it.
If you like massive battles and plenty of bodies, this movie's for you.
Like bastions of well-oiled and scabbed spartan men glistening in the digital sun, evoking a He-Man action figure collection? Get you tickets now.
This movie is fucking killer, and if Gerard Butler, who plays the leader of the titular-numbered band of Spartan brothers who slice and dice through the Persian Army, isn't annointed "movie star" status after seeing his performance, then the world is just an unfair place.

What sucks is that his massive roars of glory over-used in all of the trailers ("This Is Sparta!!!!!!!!" amount of exclamation points will do him justice) are making people think that it's all screaming and yelling with this guy, but his performance is also quite subtle and thoughtfu, a leader taking his men tinto the River Styx with no fear, yet beams with a conscience of a man just trying to save his family and the land he loves from being destroyed. I think people are going to be pleasently surprised with him, and being a fan of his since DRACULA 2000(he's the ONLYa good thing in that), I was thrilled to see him at Lunch right before i saw the flick. He was with his agent at one table and I with my casting directors Nancy and Kelly at another, and as we walked out, I just told him how excited I was to see the movie. Instantly he whirled around, shakes my hand and with a charmingly subtle Scottish drawl, begins to probe me on what I did, and was thrilled to hear I knew his work and that I was a director too. The guy is a star and god damn if I wouldnt want to work with him...after 300, it might be a lot more difficult.

Overall, 300 is like the greatest video game cut scene you've ever seen, and that's not an insult. Hope you guys dig it.



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