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Some Trivia of the Movie 300

Category: 300 News
Article Date: February 27, 2007 | Publication: Wid-Get Movies | Author: Staff

Posted by: DaisyMay

Hey guys! As we anticipate the screening of the movie 300, I’ve got here some trivia’s for you

* The film was shot in 60 days.

* The film was shot on green screen in Montreal.

* There are 1500 cuts in the film, and about 1300 involve some sort of visual effect.

* The work was photographed completely in Montreal, with the exception of two days of insert shooting in Los Angeles.

* Ten visual effects vendors contributed to the film, spread over three continents.

* The filmmakers used bluescreen 90% of the time, and greenscreen for 10%. They chose blue because it better matched the lighting paradigm (green would have been too bright) and because red garments (a la spartan capes) look better when shot over blue.

* There was one day of location shooting, which was for the horses that were shot for the ‘approaching sparta’ scene.

* Post production took almost a year. The film was edited on an Avid, with an HD cut also maintained in Final Cut Pro The 3D was made using Maya, XSI, and Lightwave The 2D composites were made with Shake, Inferno, Fusion, and Combustion. The filmmakers prefer Macintosh, but large portions of the movie were made under Linux. Asset management was handled by custom software written in the Panorama development environment, made by Provue. Color management was handled by Truelight software. The film was scanned on a northlight scanner and was recorded on the arrilaser. Most of the film was shot at high speed, between 50 and 150fps. Normal film is at 24fps. The film was transferred to HD SR tape and quicktime, and HD quicktimes were the basis for the HD preview cuts. The working resolution for the film was 2K, at a working aspect ratio of 2.11 and a projected aspect ratio of 2.35.

* The script demanded that most of the male cast spend the majority of their screen time bare-chested, as per Frank Miller’s original graphic novel. Therefore, in order to adequately present themselves as the most well-trained and marshalled fighting force of the time, the entire principal cast underwent a rigorous and varied training regime for 6 weeks prior to shooting.

* Sienna Miller and Silvia Colloca were each considered for the role of Queen Gorgo.

* According to an interview with, Director Zack Snyder says that fighting styles and formations (particularly the Spartan’s phalanx) were purposefully changed - making them historically inaccurate - so they’d “look cool” and work better for movie purposes.

* The movie never claims to be historically correct. It is based somewhat loosely on Frank Miller’s 1998 comic book mini-series. Changes from history were made by Miller and Snyder so as to appeal to a wider audience and create a more exciting and visually stunning action movie, rather than a typical historical epic.

* Frank Miller was inspired by the original Battle of Thermopylae after viewing the 1962 film “The 300 Spartans” as a child. His perception of the ‘hero’ concept changed greatly after seeing the Spartans make their sacrifice.


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