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Article Date: February 27, 2007 | Publication: Art Lover | Author: artluvr

Posted by: DaisyMay

[bThis blog contains pictures that compare the graphic novel to scenes from the movie. Click on the link above to see the pictures.[/b]

"Graphic novelist Frank Miller (Sin City, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns) and director Zack Snyder (Dawn of the Dead) team up for a new-form war movie. 300 uses fresh digital technologies to retell the story of the Battle of Thermopylae, in which a small band of Spartans held off an enormous Persian Army. The film opens March 9." Jason Silverman, Wired News.

Click on the images for a better look!

Spartan soldiers discover the victims of the Persian army's invasion of Greece hanging from a tree. The background and the victims were created digitaly, painstakingly colored and composed to match the frames of Frank Miller's graphic novel. The post-production on the film lasted one year.

Xerxes (played by Rodrigo Santoro) was worshiped as a god by his enslaved soldiers; Leonidas (Gerard Butler) has earned the respect of his men on the battlefield. 300 is the story of an enormous Persian army attacking Greece, and the movie's themes are sure to draw parallels with the contemporary political scene.

King Leonidas of Sparta which is played by Gerard Butler is leaving for war and says his goodbyes to his wife Gorgo (Lena Headey) and to his son Pleistarchos (Giovani Antonio Cimmino).

There are 1700 digital backdrops described as crushier" (more contrast), "flare-ier" (more bursts of sunlight) and "chocolate sky".

Persian King Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro) in front his army, a few moments before they march into battle.

The difference between winning and losing can be as simple as choosing the right place to fight and this was the case in 300. In the Battle of Thermopylae, 300 Spartan warriors held off an enormous army of Persians in 480 B.C. at a key mountain pass.

The army of Spartans was a killing machine. Here they stand in front of a mountain of corpses that they created.

The 300 Spartans defended for all of Greece. Here they meet the Arcadians who are not ready for battle with the enormous army of the Persian empire.

What happens when a Persian tries to whip a Spartan. The actors were put through basic training so that they could endure the continues fight scenes.

Dilios (David Wenham) doesn't let a punctured eyeball stop him from going to battle with the Spartan troops. The first layer of soldiers in this scene are real, shot on a Montreal sound stage; all the rest were later added by digital artists, who were working in effects houses in Los Angeles, Sydney and Munich.

Snyder scanned images from Miller's graphic novel and used to design the entire set. In this image we see King Leonidas throw a Persian messenger into a bottomless well.

"It was not just my responsibility but my passion to get the frames just like they are in (Miller's) book," says Snyder.

Young Leonidas fights a wolf. Image on the left is from the graphic novel and on the right is the scene from the movie.

This is the scene were the Spartans are ready to defend Thermopyles. Left as it is on the graphic novel and on the right is the scene from the movie.

The entire movie was filmed in the Montreal soundstage and after 60 days of filming, Snyder and a large number of digital artists touched up the battle scenes and the sceneries.

All photos are courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures


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