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WonderCon '07: Exclusive Video Int: Gerard Butler Builds A Space Craft to Mars!

Category: 300 News
Article Date: March 4, 2007 | Publication: IESB.Net | Author: Stephanie Sanchez

Posted by: admin

Gerard Butler was a busy man at WonderCon this year with his latest film 300 on promotion overdrive. But, never one to seem tired out, Butler sat down with the IESB for a hilariously funny interview that will have you doubled over.

This is for all the Gerard Butler fans out there. One day before the premiere of 300, everything that can be asked about King Leonidas has been asked. But hey, there's certainly more to talk about with Gerry than just 300.

This time around, we talked about his new film with Hilary Swank entitled "PS I Love You", his role in Watchmen, Scotty in Star Trek, building a space craft to take him to Mars and a handy little "sleep chamber."

He also gives a major shout out to all of the gals all over the net that continue to cover his career. IESB's Alyson Chavez got a great shot with Butler as he picked her up to take a candid picture (see below).

Oh, one more thing, Zack Snyder was doing an interview next to us and Gerard Butler yells out to him to shut up and also some banter with each other about Watchmen!

Also, on the way to WonderCon both Hilary Swank, his wife in PS I Love You, and Lena Headey, his wife in 300, were all three on the plane together today, and he said, "You're both my bitches."

Third time's a charm! Here's is our third video interview with King Leonidas himself, Gerard Butler. Pay attention, it's a riot!

Click on the link below for IESB's exclusive video interview with Gerry Butler


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