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300 premieres in Hollywood

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Article Date: March 6, 2007 | Publication: | Author: Ediotrs

Posted by: admin

Imagine epic fight scenes and some very cute men in leather Speedos - and you have 300, which had its US premiere in Hollywood last night.

The film is based on Frank Miller's graphic novel, and looks at the 480BC Battle of Thermopylae, where the King of Sparta led his army against the advancing Persians. But it wasn't the battle that the ladies were talking about at the red carpet event, more the men's skimpy leather costumes!

Young British actress Lena Headey had to play Queen Gorgo opposite a largely semi-naked cast, and said: "It was hideous, because they don't all look like that really. It was CGI, they're all big fat gnomes in real life... No, they're all gorgeous. I feel like I had half a dozen naked brothers"

And the Yorkshire actress was taking the Hollywood premiere in her stride.

"It's alright but I really want a drink - if I'm honest!"

Aussie actor David Wenham plays Dilios, and admitted he hadn't been too keen about the male costumes in the beginning.

"Oh God, I mean at first it was very embarrassing. But, no it was great. After you put in the effort training it was all right. But am I still training like that? No! I don't have that many hours in the day."


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