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Why Women Should Go See 300

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Article Date: March 7, 2007 | Publication: FirstShowing.Net | Author: Alex Billington

Posted by: admin

Most think Frank Miller's 300 (that opens this weekend - March 9th) is a guy's flick completely. It's got gratuitous violence and gore, badass fight scenes, stylized visuals, harsh language, and plenty more. However, there's also quite a bit in it for women, too. While I was screening 300 out in Los Angeles for the second time a few week's ago, I was looking around the audience and thinking to myself “wow, there are a lot of women.” I was trying to think what might appeal to them, and so came up with this brief list. Sure, some of these may be for the humor, but in the end I think most women will enjoy it when they go see it. If any women out there are having doubts about whether to accompany their husband or boyfriend to this, then read on and you may change your mind.

1 - Gerard Butler

This entire list could just be “Gerard Butler” and thousands of women would still go. I really don't know what it is, but this guy makes girls fall head over heels. Endless women have invaded Comic-Con (all of them representing multiple times just to stare and ask ridiculous questions. As Angelina Jolie is to guys, he is to girls - the very top of the line. Just the presence of him, either in a movie or real life (if that dream comes true for a few women) is exciting, I suppose. And heck, for all you ladies who love a hot hunk (did I just say that?) like Gerry, then you definitely will want to go see 300!

2 - Gerard Butler Naked

Oh crap, did I just say that? Yes I did! If I didn't already get all the women to go see 300 based off of #1, then I just did now. And the funniest part is this is going to make guys NOT want to see it. It's only one brief scene, but yes, Mr. Butler is completely naked, glimmering in the moonlight. And for the remainder of the movie, he's almost entirely naked, wearing nothing but a helmet, a cape, and a very small crotch plate - see any of the photos.

3 - Empowered Women

Director Zack Snyder added an extra subplot not from the comic book that shows a great amount of empowerment for women. In general, Spartan women are treated as equally as men (in general) and in very high regards. There's a great line from the movie said by Queen Gorgo (played by Lena Headey): “only Spartan women give birth to real men.” And there is a scene where everyone, men and women alike, will cheer loudly that involves empowered women, but I can't give that away. You'll need to see it to understand!

4 - Strong Relationships

Everyone's tired of broken relationships and adultery. The connection between King Leonidas and Queen Gorgo is very strong, and the two have an unbreakable relationship, even when her husband is off fighting Persians and probably going to die. She will do anything to stand for him. As much as this little minor detail won't do much for guys, it may be something to look forward to for women. At least give it a chance and see if you can find the strength that Leonidas and Gorgo have together.

5 - 300 Nearly Naked Men with 8-Pack Abs

Fortunately, as a guy, I wasn't drooling while watching these Spartan soldiers kick some Persian ass. I was enjoying the fighting, but that's just me. For women, the entire movie is eye candy. For 2 hours you get to stare at the hottest guys with unbelievable 8-pack abs fighting tirelessly for their homeland wearing hardly any clothes. It's almost like “Guy's Gone Wild” (but, thank goodness, for the sake of men, it's not that bad). Even if you're not a big fan of Gerard Butler, you've got 299 others to choose from.

I hope to see all you ladies out at the theaters this weekend! From what I've seen and what I've heard, these are pretty accurate and you'll be guaranteed a good time. And if you are female and read this, let me know if I got it right…!


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