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Gerard Butler AIM Interview

Category: 300 News
Article Date: March 8, 2007 | Publication: Moviefone | Author: MoviefoneCapulet

Posted by: maryp

In the epic battle movie '300,' the highly anticipated film version of Frank Miller's graphic novel, Gerard Butler plays the very badass and extremely toned Leonidas, king of Sparta. The hunky star chatted with us via AIM about tight abs, cool battle scenes and his sexy co-star Lena Headey.

GerardButler300: hi
MoviefoneCapulet: how goes it - long day?
GerardButler300: yes, very long
MoviefoneCapulet: epic maybe? like 300 ...
GerardButler300: yes and still mid-battle
MoviefoneCapulet: hang in there... so i'll kick this off by asking - how was it to go from the musical Phantom to being the action hero?
GerardButler300: both presented extreme challenges
GerardButler300: but both felt to me like they were worth it because they were epic stories
MoviefoneCapulet: how was it different from anything you've done before?
GerardButler300: because i was twice the size i've ever been!
GerardButler300: but also ...
GerardButler300: i knew i was making something exceptionally fresh, powerful and masculine that would blow the audience away GerardButler300: and be both pure entertainment and inspirational all at the same time
MoviefoneCapulet: it's definitely got a ton to offer the senses
MoviefoneCapulet: getting to the size thing -
GerardButler300: yes ...
MoviefoneCapulet: i understand you all had to undergo different diets
MoviefoneCapulet: what was yours?
GerardButler300: my diet had various stages
MoviefoneCapulet: feast or famine?
GerardButler300: from memory i went from famine to feast to famine again over the course of the film
GerardButler300: when focusing on building size or cutting fat or toning
GerardButler300: i pretty much ate every two to three hours
GerardButler300: lots of protein but also some healthy fats
MoviefoneCapulet: any secrets you can tell us guys about getting that washboard ab thing? i only ask because i personally really want to know
GerardButler300: land a lead in a large hollywood film where they ask you to play a ridiculously over the top warrior
GerardButler300: seriously ...
MoviefoneCapulet: hah - that's probably true
GerardButler300: what it takes is sustaining over a long period of time and faith - cutting carbs after lunch
GerardButler300: and lots of cardio broken into interval training and loads of sit-ups
MoviefoneCapulet: so back to the movie
MoviefoneCapulet: when did you first read Frank Miller's graphic novel?
GerardButler300: i first read it around the same time i got the script which was about may '05
MoviefoneCapulet: how did the end result of the movie compare to what you read?
MoviefoneCapulet: in your mind ...
GerardButler300: tho i loved the graphic novel, i feel the movie improved the experience of this story by a thousand percent - it blew me away
MoviefoneCapulet: were you privy to all the design work that went into production?
GerardButler300: i got as involved as i could and spent a lot of time in the art dept taking in all the artwork of the world we were in
GerardButler300: this was one of the coolest parts of making the film - watching that all come together
MoviefoneCapulet: that must've helped a lot with shooting - being able to imagine the world
GerardButler300: absolutely, but still seeing the final product and the effect of everything together
GerardButler300: i had no idea just how beautiful it would look and feel
MoviefoneCapulet: the battle scenes had an almost balletic quality to them - how was it training for/choreographing those?
GerardButler300: a lot of intense work including constant drilling - working on perfecting the sequences - and then spending time on the subtleties and economy and flow of actual movement
GerardButler300: that final thing is what really took it to another level
MoviefoneCapulet: were you fighting actual people most of the time, or were your adversaries added later?
GerardButler300: i was always fighting actual people
MoviefoneCapulet: cool
GerardButler300: sometimes 8 at a time
GerardButler300: it was cool
GerardButler300: the added adversaries were in the background
MoviefoneCapulet: was that more of a challenge than your scenes with Lena Headey?
GerardButler300: the scene with lena was more of an opportunity than a challenge - lol MoviefoneCapulet: hehe
MoviefoneCapulet: yes - some guys have all the luck
GerardButler300: question - can we pull this aol chat up later?
MoviefoneCapulet: oh yeah - this isn't live
GerardButler300: adios
GerardButler300: just kidding
MoviefoneCapulet: hah, well time's up anyway. thanks so much for chatting, and for the fitness advice
GerardButler300: sure thing
MoviefoneCapulet: which i'll promptly not follow
GerardButler300: don't worry - neither will i ever again
MoviefoneCapulet: cheers - and good luck with the rest of your battle
GerardButler300: and to you, mate

Since this interview, MoviefoneCapulet has done zero sit-ups, although he does wish his abs looked liked Gerard's do here.


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