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Category: 300 Reviews
Article Date: March 8, 2007 | Publication: Right Said, Fred? | Author: Fred

Posted by: admin

This movie is so awesome!

We have seen so many cloak dagger epic battle movies before. But in the age of computer-generated effects, we have had "Gladiator" and "Troy", to name but the most high-profile ones. Frank Miller's "300" somehow even surpasses these very accomplished films.

The whole look, cinematography, costume, sets, editing, musical score, make-up, and yes, sound and visual effects all score superlatives! It is beautiful to see, despite the relentless gore and splattering blood. It may be true that we are becoming jaded in watching displays of extreme violence onscreen. However, the highly stylized choreography of the violent scenes, so over the top that it hews close to its graphic novel origins, is an eloquent cinematic achievement.

The acting of the ensemble was commendable. This is the first I have seen of Gerald Butler since "Phantom of the Opera". He really lives and breathes King Leonidas, very believable. The actors playing the individual Spartan soldiers are also impressive. Their bodies showed their discipline in preparing for their roles, so much that their muscles look like visual effects. The Queen was also portrayed as a strong character, not a mere helpless woman just waiting for her husband.

Highly recommended! I loved "Sin City", and I have got to say that I love "300" even more. Can't wait for the next Frank Miller project!


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