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300 Men Vs. 3Age Marvels (Blog)

Category: 300 News
Article Date: March 8, 2007 | Publication: Comics2Film | Author: Kev_incal

Posted by: admin

Taking a cue from my fellow strippers, here's my prerelease thoughts on 300. (as well as a review of Marvel's 3AGE toy line from Japan).

Comics2Film 300 Preview - Some of my friends refuse to see 300. Others are going only after registering their protests. They're comparing it to Ultraviolet, Equilibrium, Bloodrayne, Van Helsing, Underworld 2 - those embarassing genre flicks that stink more of direct to DVD or Sci-Fi Channel original movie *shudders*. Why aren't they as hyped as I am to see this?!? They'll see formulaically bad Disney sports dramedies, lame Rob Schneider/David Spadesque comedies, and even bloated awards-season fodder, but they gots no love for films like 300?!? Getting them to see Sin City was pulling teeth. Are they tired of comics2flops? For every Spider-Man 2 there seems to be three crapfests. Are comic book movies not cool anymore? Not novel enough now that we seem to get three or more a year? Why strip clubbers, why is there such haterade for 300?

So I was at Wondercon this past weekend and I saw the panel/preview of 300 with director Zac Synder, Gerard Butler, and Lena Heady. Besides the fact that the panel was overrun with charmingly giddy, female "Gerry" Butler fan club members, I must say everyone in attendance reacted positively to the footage. If you've read Frank Miller's stylized graphic novel, you know that many of the iconic shots have been recreated as scenes from the trailer. I have no doubt it'll be a beautiful film - every snippet I've seen looks like some gorgeously surreal digital painting. I swear I've never seen so many drooling middle-aged white women outside of an Oprah taping ("aaaaah nuuuuuuew caaaar!"), but there they were front and center acting like fanboys in Gerry's presence (as "I Touch Myself" played softly in the background?). In terms of mainstream appeal I think this bodes well for 300 - it's got something for just about everyone: Great art direction, mancandy, nekkidish chicks, crazy action, violence n'gore. Why then are my friends so apprehensive about this movie?

Big In Japan: Asunarosya's Marvel 3Age toys ARE HELLA CUTE. I think the concept behind the 3Age line is this is how the characters would look if they were 3 years old drinking saki in Tokyo. Unlike some Japanese toys, the figure depicted on the outside of the box is the figure you'll get on the inside - which is nice considering I almost accidentally bought a dozen Things and Wolverines in an attempt to get them all. I swear I planned on only getting one or two (or 4) of these and now I've ended up getting all ten (damn my incurable completism). These 3" tall toddlers of terror were released late last year and I think are MSRPed at around 900 or so. You can find them here at different online (and retail) specialty import stores and usually on eBay. Frustratingly, they don't really come with accessories (save for Silver Surfer's board) but I don't really care - they're so damn cute, I can't stay mad at them. Who's my wittle Hulk? You are, yes you are!


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