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300 Reasons to See This Movie

Category: 300 News
Article Date: March 9, 2007 | Publication: E! Online | Author: Ben Lyons

Posted by: admin


300 kicks ass. It kicks my ass, your ass, Hollywood's ass—you name it. Rarely does a movie comes along that just blows your head to bits. Star Wars did that, but it was before my time. For me, Independence Day and Fight Club were two flicks that came along and really changed the way I watched and appreciated movies. 300 is one of those movies.

In the same way that Seraphim Falls revived the Western genre for me, 300 has breathed life back into sword and sandal epic. Unlike films like Alexander, Kingdom of Heaven or King Arthur, which took themselves sooo seriously, 300 is a straightforward story that's easy to follow and that looks like high art. The post-production editing took more than a year and a half. A year and a half!

Adapted from the graphic novel by Frank Miller, who also wrote the Sin City graphic novel, the film makes a point of staying true to the book, which no doubt will make the fanboys out there happy.

Want more? Check out my interviews with stars Gerard Butler and Rodrigo Santoro and director Zack Snyder in the clip above.

Honestly, even if you haven't seen a movie in a while or if you go errry week, you got to peep 300. Trust me, it's gonna blow you away.


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