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“300″ the Number to Beat this Weekend

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Article Date: March 9, 2007 | Publication: The REELot Spot for Independent Writers | Author: BAT

Posted by: admin

Fandango reports today that every midnight IMAX showing of 300 was sold out nationwide. Tix sales for the action-adventure epic are accounting for 92% of all weekly ticket sales on Fandango (as of March 8, 6:00 pm pst resulting in upcoming shows already selling-out across the country.

ZACK SNYDER (also directs) & KURT JOHNSTAD and MICHAEL GORDON wrote the screenplay, based on the graphic novel by FRANK MILLER and LYNN VARLEY.

According to a recent Fandango poll, 76% of respondents indicate they plan to see the movie on opening weekend. In another Fandango poll, thousands of moviegoers identified the main factor that makes them want to see 300.

The top results include:
31% are action-adventure fans.
21% say it’s the Frank Miller graphic novel
17% identify star Gerard Butler and the rest of the cast.
14% say they love seeing movies in IMAX.
4% are drawn by director Zack Snyder’s previous work (including his
“Dawn of the Dead” remake).


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