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Then we will fight in the shade! (Blog)

Category: 300 News
Article Date: March 10, 2007 | Publication: The Mighty Dacs | Author: DACS

Posted by: admin

One word for 300: ASTIG.

Ok, actually I've got more than just one word :P

I love the storyline.
It's actually a fictionalized account of the Battle of Thermopylae, where Spartan King Leonidas led 300 elite Spartan warriors against Xerxes' massive Persian army. Whatever the elements may have been - fiction or fact - the storytelling was superb.

I love the characters.

King Leonidas (Gerard Butler) was both mighty and endearing. As a warrior and leader, he was fierce and authoritative. As a husband he was loving and loyal. I never knew of Gerard Butler before; now I'm currently seeking DVDs of Dracula 2000 and Phantom of the Opera.

Queen Gorgo (Lena Headey) was girl power personified. She capably portrayed the independent Spartan woman.

Theron (Dominic West) was a convincingly evil politician. I wanted to applaud when Queen Gorgo did what she did to him in front of the council.

I love the soundtrack.
ROCK! Hahaha, instead of the usual orchestral arrangements for the fight scenes, the wall of abs that is the Spartan army walks on the battlefield to the sound of hard rock!

I love the cinematography.
Some scenes look like they were taken straight out from the comic book. The visuals were stunning. The sex-and-violence scenes were executed with such good taste. Nothing too explicit (as in hindi bastusan), nothing too gruesome (as in not needlessly gory).

I love the dialogue.
There were so many memorable lines in this film, I had to stop myself from taking down notes! I especially enjoyed the witty remarks that passed between friends and between enemies.


Persian emissary (to Leonidas): Why does this woman think she can speak amongst men?!
Gorgo: Because only Spartan women give birth to Spartan men.


Persian emissary: This is madness!
Leonidas: This is SPARTA!


Persian: A thousand nations of the Persian empire will descend upon you. Our arrows will blot out the sun!
Spartan: Then we will fight in the shade.


Xerxes: Consider the fate of your women...
Leonidas: Clearly you don't know our women. I might as well have marched them up here...


Persian: Spartans! Lay down your weapons!
Leonidas: Persians! Come and get them!

Needless to say - I LOVE THIS FILM!

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